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Abstract collage art

Blackstone Gallery: Art-Science Exhibition

Event Description


Blackstone Gallery will be showcasing the artworks from an array of University of Newcastle alumni, PHD students, staff, and affiliates. Presenting a blend of contemporary and traditional forms, the exhibition addresses the symbiotic relationship between science, technology, and the creative arts. It will feature work spanning kinetic sculpture, data visualization, natural history illustration and other fine art perspectives drawn from the recent impact of technology and automation.

Chosen by student curator Giverny Burke through consultation with Chromatic Director Kristefan Minski, the exhibition includes works by artists Andrew Styan, Helena Bezzina, Merillia Lyra, Giselle Penn, Carolyn McKay, Zach Allen, Louise Magrics, Estelle Leishmann and Nicole Lekach. 

Blackstone Gallery.

470 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300

Exhibition open

1st - 5th November 

Opening Night

Friday, 3rd November

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Time and Date

The recent phenomena of Zoom inspired my work during the ongoing COVID pandemic. Over the past two years, I spent over 5 hours a day with work, social and community meetings on Zoom; the result is a large series of Zoom-based drawings.  This is an experience I have chosen to explore in this artwork; Zoom Gardens.

Zoom Garden - Helena Bezzina

It is often said that “everything is connected” but this is sometimes difficult to imagine. You Are Here is an interactive exploratory mapping platform for making visible the invisible connections between the planetary and social systems that we are all part of and uses our lived experience to show how we are part of those systems.

You Are Here - Andrew Styan

Image of a man in a dark room in front of some abstract art.

Deceptive Practices is a-life-trapping flower. It is a robotic human-size interactive installation intended to reflect on the reproductive cost of life. In nature, trapping flowers use deceptive behaviour to attract pollinators to spread their pollen.

Deceptive Practices - Giselle Penn & Marilia Bergamo

Nature’s Frames is a captivating journey into the intricate processes of crafting lifelike virtual realms. An exploration of Procedural Environment Creation and Cinematic Rendering using Unreal Engine 5.  

nature's frames - Zach Allan

Since 2022, Carolyn has been using Ai as a composition tool in her painting practice. The current body of work examines crimes in retro motels through a framework of ghost criminology.

Technosomatica & Ghost Motel - CAROLYN MCKAY

Estelle Leishman is a Visual Communications honours student working and researching on Awabakal land. Her practice involves foraging for natural ingredients which she then processes into ink, something which then inspires the paintings she makes.

Mixed Ink Works - Estelle Leishman

My crochet sculptures are a visual exploration of the intricate interplay between scale and bifurcation, inviting viewers to contemplate the mesmerizing beauty of mathematical patterns in nature. These two pieces are a testament to the power of creativity and craftsmanship, crafted meticulously with hook sizes ranging from 4mm to 9mm. 

Twisted Infinitiy & Rhizome - Louisa Magrics


More ARTISTS coming soon...

Chromatic Festival and The University of Newcastle acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands within our footprint areas: Awabakal Nation, Darkinjung Nation, Biripai Nation, Worimi Nation, Wonnarua Nation and Eora Nation. We also pay respect to the wisdom of our Elders past and present.


Chromatic Festival and The University of Newcastle recognise that First Nations sovereignty was never ceded. This continent always was and always will be Aboriginal Land. 


We respect their cultural heritage, beliefs, and continuing relationship with the land, and recognise that they are the proud survivors of more than two hundred years of dispossession.

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